‚Waste is design gone wrong’ John Whittall

My passion about design is to create elaborate products that have meaning, a long and effective life and an endless value. The current fashion system is not able to hold the created value for ever. It simply ignores the fact of resource scarcity and pushes to increase the consumption without providing a solution for all discarded materials. However up to 70% of the product‘s impact is decided in the design process. Designers take the decision about the whole product‘s lifespan and it‘s destiny. So we have the responsibility to design with a future-thinking life cycle approach. Additionally a system is needed that can use the value intensively and for ever. Therefore I have a strong personal intention to provoke a shift of the current industry structure in order to build an intelligent and healthy circular system.

My expertise within sustainability in fashion covers a broad knowledge in various fields of sustainable design strategies, sustainable textiles and production as well as sustainable business and marketing strategies. My personal sustainability approach is coined by the cradle to cradle concept and the vision of a circular economy. Therefore I focus on closed-loop soulutions in design and the business model.