With the aim to create intelligent and elaborate designs in a closed loop system of healthy and valuable materials I developed the EXTENDED CLOSED LOOP model. It provides an overall solution to the problem of resource scarcity by optimizing material effectiveness on two levels. Through combining design for valuable and perpetual recycling with extending the lifespan in a circular business model based on reuse, the material is used to its full capacity. The key is to start right at the beginning and design directly and consistently elaborate, durable and valuable recyclable products with defined healthy content. Transparency, customer involvement and a coherent interconnection between all parts of the cycle are crucial to realizing this intention and making this circular system beneficial for companies, customers and the environment. The ECL is a concept for a whole new industry structure and a business model applicable to each company. In a close collaboration with the highly regarded urban tech-wear brand ACRONYM® I developed a concept of a suitable ECL for the brand - and developed from this prototypes for an innovative concept tech-wear collection for women that fuses sophisticated functional design with soft female aesthetics and sustainable values: FUTURE-PROOF.

PHOTO & VIDEO | Parcyvall GmbH

TECHNICS | André Köster

MODEL & ACTRESS | Camilla Nohl

MODEL & DANCER Judith Burmester

ACTORS | Joel Williams, Stef Ta

HAIR & MAKEUP | Karina Reichel